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Earn 20% Referral Commission

How to start making money?

Just select the type of wallet, enter its details and click the ″login″ button. After that, you will be taken to your personal account. Make a deposit in any way convenient for you and just wait for the end of the deposit term. At the end of the term of the deposit, you will receive a payment to the previously specified account. We do not invest your funds in startups and do not trade currencies: all payments to subsequent participants are due to the previous ones. This site does not guarantee one hundred percent income - this is a game based on the excitement and mutual assistance of the participants. Invest only as much as you are not afraid to lose, but also be greedy: after making a profit, invest part of the funds back or even increase the deposit. Let`s play fair and mutually beneficial: the more players follow the rules, the longer the project will work and the more participants will be able to earn. And never invest the money that you need in real life - it`s just a game: you can win or lose.

How to earn more?

After authorization in the project, you will have access to an individual affiliate link. Share this link with other members and get 20% of their deposit to the account specified during authorization. You will not need to wait for the end of your partner`s deposit: the payment will be made automatically immediately upon receipt of funds in the system.

How do you invest and pay off?

Regardless of what type of account you specify during registration, you can make a deposit in any way convenient for you. If you make a deposit from a different payment system, the account of which you indicated during registration, the payment will be converted to your payment system at the current exchange rate at the time of payment. This rule also applies to partnerships. We do not charge any additional commissions. We work with the following payment systems and directions: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Etherium, Tron, Waves, Tether (ERC20), Dash, Monero, , PerfectMoney,

Are there any investment restrictions?

Due to the peculiarities of the payment aggregator, there is a limitation on the minimum amount of the deposit: Btc: 0.00004000, Ltc: 0.00900000, Doge: 50.00000000, Eth: 0.00500000, Xrp: 15.00000000, Trx: 33.00000000, Waves: 0.20000000, Usdt_erc20: 1.00000000, Dash: 0.02000000, Xmr: 0.04000000, Pm: 1.00, there is no limit on the maximum amount. There is also one very important condition: it is forbidden to register using your own referral link and make a deposit! This is a very important rule and everyone who violates it will not receive payments either in the main account or in the one registered with their referral link. Such accounts will be marked as cheating and will be banned without the right to receive payment!